Do you have a Legal Will, also known as a Last Will and Testament? If you don’t you could be subjecting your family to thousands of dollars in legal fees. Having your estate in order both in case of an emergency and upon your death is one of those things that people just tend to put off. This is why our team at The Wright Reneau Law Firm has chosen to offer a Small Estate Package for $500.00

For this fee you get a simple legal will that divides your assets, names your beneficiaries, names your executor and if necessary can set up a contingent trust for your minor children. You also get a Durable Power of Attorney in the event that you are unable to make sound decisions due to disability or a significant injury. A Medical Power of Attorney, a HIPAA release for your power of attorney and your Directive to Physician (sometimes referred to as a Living Will.)

We can also handle more advanced legal wills. Please call us to set up an appointment to discuss this simple, but necessary tool for your life.

Small Estate Package $500

Simple Will | Durable Power of Attorney
Medical Power of Attorney | Directive to Physicians and Family