What constitutes family law?

Lawyers usually specialize in certain areas of practice, and at the Wright-Reneau Law Firm, we’ve chosen to specialize in family law to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need during life’s transitions, whether planned or unexpected. Here’s a quick overview of things we are able to help with as a New Braunfels family law attorney.
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Family law is generally focused on transitions that affect the structure of a family, such as a marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, or death. Over the course of time, every family will encounter one or more of these transitions. We offer eight areas of service to assist families with the legal aspects of transitions:
Prenuptial Agreements at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


These agreements help couples addresses differences between separate property and community property in the event of divorce, or death.
Adoption at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


Deciding to add a child to a family via adoption is a big step, and legal representation helps protect all parties involved.
Divorce at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


Both an emotional and financial issue, divorce should not be undertaken lightly, and both partners should have legal representation.
Child Custody at Wright-Reneau Law Firm

Child Custody

Parental rights and the best interest of children affected can be complex, and Texas has established strong guidelines for decisions that family law attorneys can help navigate.
Modifications at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


As children age, situations change – and decisions made under original child custody agreements may need to be revisited with legal help to modify arrangements.
Wills at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


Most people are familiar with a last will and testament, which specifies how assets are to be distributed after death.
Probate at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


In Texas, the probate process is extremely streamlined assuming a valid, enforceable will is in place, and legal filings are handled promptly and accurately.
Administration at Wright-Reneau Law Firm


When one dies without a valid will (referred to as intestate) and there are claims of heirs, an administration proceeding can help determine how assets are distributed.

For Life's Transitions

When it’s time to call a New Braunfels family law attorney for one of these eight areas, we are here to help.